Send Newsletters, 100X Cheaper
Via Relaxed Mailer + Amazon SES

Stuck between a rock and a hard place

Your subscriber base is growing and so is the cost per campaign. Going for the monthly plan like MailChimp means wasting more money if you don't send newsletters regularly enough.

You're stuck. The bigger your subscriber base becomes, the more expensive it is to communicate with them. What if you can send without worrying about cost or deliverability?

Meet relaxed mailer

Relaxed mailer is an email newsletter system that  lets you send trackable emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). This makes it possible for you to send authenticated bulk emails at an insanely low price without sacrificing deliverability.

Plus, You can add unlimited email contacts, with fixed monthly fee, say no to "More contacts more money!"

How much can you save?

A penny $941 saved is a penny $941 earned!

Only $59 for 100,000 emails per month!

You save $11,292 per year!

The more emails you send, the more money you save!
Features you'll get
Send Newsletters 100x Cheaper
Relaxed Mailer sends fast multi-threaded emails via Amazon SES at only $1 per 10,000 emails. Free yourself from paying for expensive email campaigns and forget about limits set by your host while at the same time enjoy high deliverability rate. Best bang for your buck!
List Segmentation
Segmentation helps you divide your customers into specific groups.

You can also perform customer segmentation to create highly converting and targeting campaigns.
Email Autoresponders
The best thing about Relaxed Mailer is its campaign builder. It allows you to create campaigns or workflows with several decisions, conditions, and actions. All of these workflows are well displayed and easily understandable that no one faces an issue while understanding the working of the campaign.

 Email Builder
It provides you several email templates you can use for your campaigns. With these templates, you can write dynamic content that can be changed as per your needs. This feature makes it very simple to build attractive and elegant emails. 
A/B Testing
Relaxed Mailer helps you figure out the best online promotional and automated marketing strategies for your business. It has a built-in A/B testing feature for both emails and landing pages.

Third party integrations & Zapier
Sendy integrates with many popular apps like WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc thanks to third party developers. Sendy also works with Zapier, an automation service that enables you to integrate Sendy with thousands of apps in Zapier's app directory!
Even more features! 🔥🔥🔥
  • Supports ALL Amazon SES regions
  • ​Support Mutil  Users & Role
  • ​GDPR features only available
  • ​Mass add, delete or unsubscribe users
  • ​Ready-to-use subscription form
  • Fast multi-threaded sending
  • ​Email templates
  • Google reCAPTCHA support
  • Import lists without re-confirmation
  • ​Send emails with attachments

  • Use any other SMTP services
  • Use personalization tags
  • ​Single or double opt-in & opt-out
  • ​Adjust sending rate
  • ​Web hooks support
What people are saying
Vincent Nguyen
I'm sure you're getting a lot of people coming over from Mailchimp. I am one of those people and Relexed Mailer has been a breath of fresh air. Very simple to setup and every question I have had so far has been answered by support team. I'm very impressed and just wanted to let you know how happy I am! Thanks again!
Ernest Cobb
Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you know I love your service!I have 3 servers running my business. So well designed and user friendly. I no longer am a slave to Getresponse and Aweber!
Angelo Schwartz
Hands down, Relaxed Mailer is one of the best service I have ever purchased! And it work much better and faster than any expensive email service I've used over the years. Thank you for a great service!
Clinton Crawford
Most software I hate, and most business tools I use have significant downsides. But I will gush about that not only works well but has saved us tons of money is  Relaxed Mailer. If you use campaign monitor/mailchimp check them out!
Cynthia Barton
1000% recommend Relaxed Mailer for newsletters. So incredibly impressed with this service! Even if you need to spend sometime to setup, but completely worth it!
Katie Hudson
“I’ve gone from spending almost $500 a month on email marketing to less than $100. Relaxed Mailer will easily save you hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars. ”
Is this a hosted service?
Yes. Relaxed Mailer is hosted application that runs on our web server. You can start with 14 days free trial to see if this service is good fit for your business.
Is Relaxed Mailer easy to setup?
Yes. After you signup for 14 days free trial, we'll setup the application only for you, also we will provide a detail step by step guide for personal setup. Our support team will help you if you have more customize needs! 
What's with Relaxed Mailer's low pricing?
 Relaxed Mailer is hosted app, you only need to pay fixed monthly fee( $49 or $99). Emails are sent via Amazon SES at a jaw dropping low rate of only $1 per 10,000 emails. Amazon is known to provide great value at ridiculously low prices. 

The result? Thousands of happy Relaxed Mailer users enjoy great results without costing an arm and a leg.
What's SES send rate and limit?
Once signed up for Amazon SES, request for your sending quota to be increased. Eg. if you need to send 50k emails daily, request Amazon for a sending quota of 50k emails per day. 

If they don't approve your request, we have quality providers to offer and you can purchase SES accounts without sending restrictions.

If the SES still does not meet your sending volume , we also have enterprise solution for you.
Why you should choose us?
You can definitely compare other service providers or build your own email system, but this will waste a lot of your money and time. We have tried all the solutions in the market and ours is the most cost effective, you don't have to think about any technical details and server maintenance. You just need to concentrate on your business and leave the rest to us. Try our FREE Trial plan, you have nothing to lose, right?
Money back guarantee?
Our refund rate is very low because most customers try our free trial plan first, they will buy our service only if they think it works well! 

But if you still worry, YES, we have 30 days money back guarantee, if you don't like it, we will refund you, no question asked.
Starter Plan
  • Powerful email management system
  • Unlimited email contacts
  • Amazon SES & third party SMTP Support
  • Auto backup daily
Professional Plan
  • All Starter Plan features
  • Dedicated IP
  • ​DDOS protection
  • Support high sending volume
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